Courses for Teachers

Image The Nature of Teacher Authority
Charles University Prague
The course aims to contribute to the current understanding of teacher authority and on research methods and instruments which can be used to acquire data about various factors influencing the development and exercising of teacher authority.
Image 13 OctImage 10 weeksImage 10 hours pw

Image Decision making and socio-scientific issues in science classrooms
University of Eastern Finland
In this course, the participants - student teachers, teachers, teacher educators, and researchers - are welcomed to become acquainted with the use of socio-scientific issues in science teaching either in primary or secondary education.
Image 20 OctImage 10 weeksImage 12 hours pw

Image From practice to research – How to measure teachers' pedagogical content knowledge in math?
University of Regensburg
In this course you are welcome to contrast and compare your own images of a “good teacher” (as often rooted in their early experience as pupils) with a research based approach to measurable and intersubjectively verifiable teacher competences. Image 27 Oct Image 8 weeks Image 7 hours pw

Image Teacher as researcher. Qualitative research in education
University of Trento
The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to the knowledge and the skills that are required to design and carry on a qualitative research in education. The qualitative methods are particularly useful to analyze micro contexts in depth. Image 27 Oct Image 12 weeks Image 10 hours pw

Image Pupils Questioning in Science Education
University of Coimbra
This course aims to contribute to the characterization of pupils questioning and conscious unknowns in different pedagogical contexts and to analyze how to promote pupils questioning.
Image 9 Nov Image 12 weeks Image 4.5 hours pw

Image Black holes in my school
University of Coimbra
The course introduces teachers to the basic aspects of black holes and all the curriculum content that can be addressed while studying stellar black hole candidates and how to use robotic telescopes to acquire data.
Image 10 Jan. Image 16 weeks Image 5 hours pw

Image Presentism: Stimulating Historical Contextualization in History Education
University of Groningen
Historical contextualization is a difficult skill to perform successfully. Its failure often stems from presentism or the bias by which people assume that the same goals, intentions, attitudes, and beliefs existed in the past as exist today. In order to compare, describe, judge or evaluate the past students have to avoid this presentism.
Image 2 FebImage 12 weeksImage 8 hours pw

Image Mentoring Beginning Teachers
University of Tartu
The first years of practice are of crucial importance with regard to the professional development of the beginning teacher. Mentors are often seen as important when supporting beginning teachers’ adaptation in their first years of teaching. In this course we will study mentoring together as an international group and find out, how to support beginning teachers in an effective way.
Image 9 FebImage 15 weeksImage 5 hours pw

Image Visuality in Mathematics Education
Eszterházy Károly College
In this course we’d like to show, that mathematics can be interesting, nice and easy to understand. We show strategies to develop mathematical skills and abilities through visualization.

Image 9 FebImage 12 weeksImage 4 hours pw

Image Teaching in Europe: Reflective Practice
University of Regensburg
Students often claim they miss practical elements during their studies. However, school practice doesn’t contribute to the professional development of “reflective practicioners”, if it doesn’t engage with its theoretical foundations. In this course we therefore try to explore the value of reflection and evaluate best practice examples from a transcultural European perspective.
Image 9 FebImage 15 weeksImage 5 hours pw

Image Home experiments as drivers for various learning paths in science instruction,
Charles University Prague
A meaningful science experiment should be a functional part of instructional strategy. In this course participants will discuss several of these models and relate their own experience to learning theories and empirical research evidence.
Image 23 FebImage 10 weeksImage 8 hours pw

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