The SoNetTE project aims to cross borders in educational research, by creating international study groups composed of different personal, professional and cultural backgrounds. The inclusive approach as well as the transnational and transcultural perspective contribute to the added value of this virtual social learning project.

Study groups are formed around central research questions, which transnational teams of students, researchers and teachers cooperatively work on, drawing on their experience and open resources. The eventual research data is openly accessible and may be used for assessment, individual research papers and the professional development of students, researchers and teachers alike.

Following the SoNetTE OCW Format, subject study groups comprise students, newly qualified and experienced teachers for virtual discussions and research projects. The disciplines covered include educational research as well as the Education of Foreign Languages, History, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and ICT.

SoNetTe (Social Networks in Teacher Education) is a LLP-Project, funded by the European Commission, which runs from 2012-2015 with the central aim to create an Open Course Ware structure which virtually enables students, teachers and researchers to participate in a transnational, transcultural and transprofessional dialogue in the field of their interest.

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